Edana Mac Brenna

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Edana Mac Brenna (eh-DAN-ah)


Believed Age (what others will think):
Appears to be in her late twenties and is known to be over 1,000 years old. Edana claims she was born in the late Celtic age - around 300 to 400 AD.

What others will know:
Edana is known to be have received the vision that instructed the Acolytes in how to become Crone Seers. She is sometimes called the First Seer for this reason. Edana is also known for her Foretellings which use the magic of Cruac to see visions from the Goddess.

Edana is the spiritual leader of the Mac Brenna family, and considers herself to be a priestess for an ancient pagan goddess who is called “the Morrigan”. She claims to be a druid, and heads the Nashville Circle of Crone covenant.

The Mac Brenna are a tight-knit family that arrived in the United States from Ireland in the mid 1800s. Their goddess, the Morrigan is commonly believed to be “a Goddess of battles who appears in the form of a scavenging scald-crow or a ragged winged raven, glorying in death and battle”. In emulating their goddess, the Mac Brenna are often warriors and priests.

Edana is the eldest childe of Caedmon Mac Brenna, a revered Daeva elder. While he is impish and appears scattered, she is grounded and capable. Edana is known to be plain spoken and earnest in her dedication to her family and to the Crone. She was initiated into the Circle early in her Requiem by Anima (Crone Status 5), a prominent Irish Acolyte.

The Mac Brenna are known diablerist hunters and Edana has served on the ruling Council of Nashville for the past 100 years.

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